Motors Catalogue

We offer a wide range of (and growing) micro motor options that allow you to choose the optimal size and performance for your application. The following products are micro motors we can produce to help you find the right micro dc motor for your project.

Moteurs Vibrants de Type Pièce pour Axe Z

LRA - Actionneur Linéaire Résonant est le meilleur choix pour le retour haptique, retour rapide. Forme Ronde, Rectangulaire

SMD SMT Vibrating Motor

SMD reflow solderable vibration motors, surface mount vibration motors. Easy to mount. RF2323


BLDC Brushless Vibration Motors

Big amplitude, super long lifetime BLDC brushless vibration motors. High quality. Low price. 1215 series

High Torque DC Geared Motor

Micro DC gearmotor, high torque, low speed, equipped with heavy-duty gearboxes for larger loads.


Coreless DC Motors

Small coreless dc motors, high speed, low current, high efficiency, used for tattoo machine, facial massager.

Cylindrical Vibration Motors

ERM - eccentric rotating mass cylindrical vibration motors, pager motors.Φ3mmΦ4mm, 610, 612, 615, 716


Flat Small Vibration Motors

N10, N20, M20 series eccentric rotating mass ERM vibration motors, affordable price.


Toothbrush Sonic Vibration Motors

Electric Toothbrush Motor High Frequency Ultrasonic DC Motor. High quality. Low price. 16mm 3.7V Model

6mm Planetary DC Gearmotor

609 series planetary dc gear motor, smallest dc geared motor, 4 options of ratio, high torque, low noise.


Micro Brushed DC Motor

RS-370, 380, 385, 545, 775, custom design parameters of brushed dc electric motors in stock.

Encapsulated Vibration Motors

Overmolded vibration motors fully encapsulate for waterproof, plastic capsule or metal capsule. 716 series


Powerful Vibration Motors

High vibration amplitudes, strong vibration force, Eccentric Rotating Mass Vibrator. 280, 370, 555, 775

N20 Mini DC Geared Motor

High-quality small spur gear motors, Best performance N20 Micro Metal Gearmotors. All JGA12-N20 Motors


Plastic Gear Motor

Plastic gears motor is equipped with plastic gears, using in robot, worm gears high torque.

Small Brushless DC Motor

Latest BLDCM, no mechanical brushes, long life and low maintenance. Higher power-to-weight ratio.